The forest (Video Game) Free Download

The forest (Video Game) Free Download

The forest (Video Game) Free Download at Best For Gamer

Date2021-11-17 13:22:03
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The forest (video game) teaches you how to survive under different circumstances. Imagine, have you ever thought if you could survive in the forest with wildlife? The Forest Game will definitely help you to answer your question. One of the best survival and horror game at the Best For Gamer. This is first-person survival horror game which makes you to build some strategies in order to survive alone in the forest. In order to survive alone, you need to build shelters, feed yourself by hunting and other ways. It looks easy but actually, it’s very tough. There are caves in the forest and these caves are full of cannibalistic and aggressive mutants in caves which will be a kind of hurdles in your progress. Let’s see for how many days you would be able to survive? The forest (video game) is developed and published by the Ednight Games. The game was released on 30th of May in 2014. The game is one of the open world setup game totally in dense forest where players are playing for their lonely survival. You can have multiple weapons in the forest to discover. And you need to explore these weapons and use them for your survival.

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You want to estimate or create strategies to survive from those freaking mutants by chopping down trees. You can use the wood of trees for building the shelters and also for creating fire to keep your body temperature warm on cold nights. You may also need to cook food for the living. From the sunrise to sunset you can spend time in activities like exploring the island and building up shelters and other structures for you. But at night time, in order to survive, you need to defend yourself from any danger. The Forest PC game has a wide range of fauna like fish, snakes, frogs and many other kinds of birds and animals. The graphics and visuals of The Forest PC is quite impressive. The effects are really amazing and eye-catching. To Sum up, all The Forest Game is a great game to test your active brain and nerves.

The Forest Screenshots

The forest (Video Game) Free Pc Download

The forest (Video Game) Free Pc

Features of the Forest (Video Game)

Following are the real features of the Forest PC game which will you experience when you will download, install and play the game in order to survive alone in the forest.

  • Impressive alone survival and horror game.
  • Playground is wide open environment.
  • Test your survival strategies and nerves to stand alone.
  • Graphics and visuals which will give you a real feel of the environment.
  • You have to build shelters.
  • Hunt for food in order to survive.
  • Need to discover new weapons.
  • Participate in other activities all for surviving.

System Requirements for the Forest Game PC

Before you making your mind to download the game make sure that your system will fulfil all those requirements.

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1 or higher
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo or higher
Hard Disk5 GB Free Space


To Download The Forest Video Game for Free click below on this button.

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