Download Tekken 4 for PC Free

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Best for Gamer

Date2021-11-16 19:12:24
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Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Best for Gamer

Download Tekken 4 for PC – Tekken 4 is one of the best video games belonging to the fighting and arcade genre of New Best for Gamer It is developed and published by Namco as the famous 5th sequel of the Tekken Series. In 2001 Tekken was released as an Arcade game and in 2002 it was released on the PlayStation 2. Generally, it took the positive reviews from the fan of Fighting and arcade games.

In order to make it distinct, the developers have a lot of gameplay revisions such as the capability of the players to move about freely before the fight round begin and the introduction of walled stages. Almost there is a total of 23 characters and it includes 6 new characters. The story of Download Tekken 4 depicts that Kazuya Survived for 24 years and now enters the king of Iron 1st Tournament 4 in order to take back the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 4 for PC game includes a mini-game in it so-called the Tekken force. In this game, you have four stages to play which the final stage includes the fight with the master Heihachi himself. We can say without any pause that Tekken 4 is very beautiful fighting and arcade game. The person who lives the martial arts and freestyle fighting will definitely fall in love with Tekken 4 for PC.

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Download Tekken 4 for PC full Game introduced the unique and significant gameplay which is totally changed from the last games in the Tekken Series. For the very first time, the players can maneuver around the battlefield and can interact with the objects like walls and other hurdles for more damage and power loss of their opponents.

These environmental factors allowed the players to trick their opponents more in order to prevent themselves from combos and allows the player to escape from the corners and let them turn the situation in their favor. The Tekken tag tournament makes the player move extra slowly and fluidly. The Game comprises brand new graphics and effects with improved features like dynamic physics, smoother surface, and lights.

Download Tekken 4 for PC System Requirements

Central Processing UnitDual-Core 3.8 GHz minimum
Graphics Processing Unit8000GT minimum
RAM2GB Minimum
Sound Cardyes

Tekken 4 Free Download For PC Screenshots

Download Tekken 4 for PC Free Game


Download Tekken 4 for Free Game

Tekken 4 Game Features

The below mentioned are the main key features of Tekken 4 that make you experience the game after the installation of Tekken 4 PC Download.

  • One of the best fighting games.
  • Walled fighting stages have been introduced the very first time in the Tekken Series.
  • Graphics and effects improved much as compared to their previous series.
  • Improvement in lighting and dynamic physics of the game.
  • 6 New characters introduced that’s make 23 in total till the 5th installment of the series.
  • Switch maneuver has been introduced.
  • Mokujin character is replaced by the Combat character.

Click the download button to download the Tekken 4 Download for PC.

Download Tekken 4 Game for Pc


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