Download Free Project IGI Free PC

Download Free Project IGI 1 Full Game Setup for PC

Download Free Project IGI 1 Full Game Setup for PC

Date2021-11-13 15:03:06
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Here we you can Download Free Project IGI  PC setup without any restrictions and the file is free from virus. IGI 1 or I am going in is one of the action game in which you have to clear multiple missions of being a sniper by killing and striking the enemies. It is one of the best action game. The game was developed by the innerloop studios and published under the flag of Edoid interactive. In December 2000 the game was released for the Microsoft Windows. The game has just single player mode. It is the game of war tactics, real time strategy making. And the use of real destructive weapons.  The main character of the IGI 1 is David Llewellyn who was an agent for IGI and was former British national. There are multiple things to assist the player for example he can take help from map and map appear on screen. Even though you can check the position of your enemy with good resolution telescope. Moreover, you can hear the footsteps of your enemy. You are being monitor from the control room through a satellite.

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In IGI 1 the graphics and visuals are really crispy. There is vast diversity of weathers across multiple missions of IGI 1. Throughout the game the player has to go through snowfall, sunshine, thunder storm, storm, flashing nights and many others. The sound tracks of the game are really awesome and impressive. The suspensive sound, under attack alert alarms, door locks and many appealing sounds.

Download Free Project IGI Free Game

IGI 1 Game Features

Following are the main feature of IGI 1 which you will experience once you download the game install it and play the game.

  • The IGI 1 is the top most selling PC Game.
  • The graphics are really stunning are crispy.
  • The playground is quite open to set the war with enemies.
  • Crispy sound tracks.
  • The new destructive weapons.
  • Cheats are really working and supported.
  • The game is compatible with all versions of the windows.

Download Free Project IGI Free Game PC

List of Missions of IGI 1

There are total 14 missions in IGI 1 (I am going in). These are the following missions.

  1. Trainyard Mission.
  2. SAM Base Mission.
  3. Military Airbase Mission.
  4. GOD Mission.
  5. Radar Base Mission.
  6. Get Priboi Mission.
  7. Border Crossing Mission.
  8. Re-Supply Mission.
  9. Missile trainyard Mission.
  10. Defend Priboi Mission.
  11. Eagle’s Nest I Mission.
  12. Eagle’s Next II Mission.
  13. Nuclear Infiltration Mission.
  14. Finding the bomb Mission.

Minimum System Requirements of IGI 1

Following are the main system requirements of IGI 1, make sure you fulfil all of these requirements before downloading the game.

Operating SystemWindows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any with both 32 and 64 bit operating versions
Central Processing UnitIntel Dual core Processor @2.2 GHz
Free Hard Disk Space2 GB

Click the download button shown below in order to download the IGI 1 PC Game for free.

Download IGI 1 Free PC Game


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