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ClusterTruck Free PC Game at Best for Gamer

ClusterTruck is one of the best adventure and racing game at Best for Gamer. This Game has been developed under the flag of Landfall Games for Microsoft Windows. The game was released in 2016 September 27th and ClusterTruck is published by TinyBuild. Before cluster truck, its was known as Highway Flight Squad and it is the fantastic first-person platformer in which no matter what you have to move ahead through jumping over the 18 wheelers. Your aim is to reach the finishing line without touching ground surface and anything else.

ClusterTruck game

ClusterTruck is a very simple game with very simple aim. You need to reach the finishing line without touching the surface of the ground. There is only one way to reach the finishing line is by standing and jumping across the 18 wheelers trucks with full confidence and control. Its superb and funny game on the top of speed highway. You need to jump across the back of speeding trucks. You have to reach the goal by any means the only precaution is don’t touch anything and don’t fall down.


 Like every game in Cluster-Truck, you play to earn the points and you are at liberty to use these point in order to buy some physical things or learn some skills. These skills include a double jump or reduce the speed of time to make the game super exciting. They track of levels are really amazing and exciting. You have to use your mind, accuracy and quickness to clear the levels of the game. As the game level increase turn by turn the number of obstacle also increases like swings, lasers and flamethrowers. In the game, there is level editor where you can edit the game levels by yourself. Overall the game is superb and exciting with good graphics and sound level.

Features of ClusterTruck

Following are the main features of ClusterTruck Free Game which you will experience once you download the game, install it and play it.

  • Amazing action, adventure and racing game.
  • The graphics are really amazing and eye catching.
  • The aim is simple and that is you have to reach the finishing line without touching anything.
  • You have to earn more points to but more and more skills.
  • The game levels become tough and tough as you advance in the game.
  • The replay system is in the game you can watch replay and learn from your mistakes.

System Requirements for ClusterTruck Free Game

Before advancing in downloading the game you have to make sure that are you fulfilling the system requirements for the game or not?

Operating SystemWindows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher
Central Processing UnitIntel 2GHz or any Higher
RAM4GM minimum is required for smooth running
Setup Size256 MB
Free Hard Disk SpaceAt least 500+ MB of free ROM Space is required.

Where you can Get ClusterTruck Game For Free?

If you are looking for a free ClusterTruck visit ClusterTruck.

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